Steven’s Pelican speaks to us of Forgiveness, and asks us to let go of judgements. ” Each time you judge yourself or others, you immediately create the illusion of separation – separation from your environment, from other human beings, and most critically, separation from the Creator and all of creation.  Immersing yourself in this illusion creates pain that manifests as hurt, anger, and even attack in words and deed. And if you stop and reflect, you’ll find that what you judge in others is really a projection of a shadow aspect of yourself. Therefore the source of these judgements is not just contained in the other – it’s something in yourself that you may not be aware of.  Once you realize how judgements separate, there’s an opportunity to forgive – first, the other person for his or her perceived transgressions and shortcomings, then yourself as you identify the shadow aspect in you that you had projected onto this individual. In light of this realization, all illusion of separation vanishes.  This is true forgiveness – not an empty mantra you repeat over and over again in order to support some false notion in forgiveness, but a genuine release of any and all judgements…”