Taken from Toni Salerno’s Universal Wisdom Deck…. the Healing Card …”You are much greater than you know. You are so much more than this physical existence, for you are eternally linked to the spirit of creation. You and all living things are powerful beyond measure for the essence of creation is within you. This essence is love. It has the power to liberate and heal.  You are a Divine being, restricted only by your own beliefs.  Any inadequacy you may be feeling is simply due to a lack of love for yourself.  Heal yourself through the power of love…… Healing is a process, so be patient. At times it may feel like things are getting worse, however this is part of the healing process.  As you start to uncover and release all that you have stored inside, you can often feel emotionally, mentally and or physically out of balance. Once again, be patient, for things will improve.  Trust. “