Steven Farmer’s Monkey asks us to be adaptable and innovative. ” No matter what’s happening right now, you’ve got to be able to first adjust to the circumstances at hand, then generate creative solutions or ideas and act on them. ……get your hands on the situation, take a good look at it, use your intelligence coupled with your gut sense to evaluate it, than choose a course of action.  Don’t get rigid about your choice, however, as once you make your move, new factors will come into play and you may have to adjust your course again, sometimes very rapidly.  Count on it.  It’s kind of like swinging from tree to tree – you have to be very quick in anticipating which branch to grab hold of.  Don’t get discouraged if one direction doesn’t pan out.  Just be willing to shift, and it will work out.  From time to time use that keen mind of yours to stop and assess what’s happening, then continue on, perhaps with a slight change in course based on information.  Once you stop and look back, you’ll see that every move was timely and purposeful. You have an amazing ability to move through life in a fluid and poetic fashion, whether or not you are aware of it- just don’t get stuck in old habits and routines. Trust in that and you can do no wrong. “