Steven Farmer’s Lion tells us to ask for what we want. “Don’t assume that others and the world around you will know at any given moment what your preferences and desires are.  You must announce them. Speak out directly and clearly .  If you state your  wants and needs , the worst that can happen is that you won’t get what you want, but if you don’t ask, you are much less likely to get what you want. First, ask yourself what it is that  you want, whether something simple like a request to pass the salt, or something more daring and complex, like a hug or a kind word from a loved one or friend. The more personal your desires, the harder it can be to ask, but really, what’s at risk? That someone will say no? That you won’t get what you want?  That you will be shamed or scorned? It’s going to take courage. Not fearlessness, but courage.  You can be afraid and still risk expressing your wants. This flies in the face of all your earlier training – to keep quiet and suffer in silence – but why continue being a martyr, denying yourself the privilege of receiving? It makes life a lot easier to know the power of expressing your desires. “