Ellen’s 5 of Wands shows 5 magnificent dragons, each carrying a blooming wand of hawthorn. One dragon is purple, to represent spirit; there is a blue dragon for water, a solid green dragon for earth, a gold and green dragon for air, and a bright red dragon to represent the element of fire. …….. some of the riders are in armor and seem very intense, with aggressive postures, while two others seem to be more leisurely flying in, as if to see what the ruckus is about.  This is a personality clash and a skirmish……….. When the 5 of Wands soars into your reading it shows that minor annoyances and petty arguments need to be dealt with.  There are different opinions all wanting to be heard.  This card symbolizes bickering between mates, friends or co workers.  This card tells you that challenges are ahead and you will need to be very clear in communicating your goals and desires to another.  ….. Put your game face on and put some effort into your problem solving and you will see positive results”