Steven’s Eagle speaks of Spirit. Of trusting in your higher self.  ” When you live your life according to Spiritual Law, Spirit’s intent expresses through your personality easily and fluidly.  Your light will shine if you only let it, and all that you want will come to you without ever needing to know how.  To follow your spiritual path, your only job is to listen to and then heed Spirit’s directives, and your life will flow more easily and naturally.  Your conscious mind is meant to be the receiver and transmitter of these urgings, translating the information sent from Spirit through pure awareness into the physical realm and decipherable communication.  Since your ego’s willfulness can interfere and misdirect, you must pay close attention to discern which is which.  Know that your  higher self will only give you straightforward, positive and encouraging support, whereas the ego’s voice will tend to be negative and discouraging.  Let the ageless wisdom that is your spiritual birthright come through so you may shine with light and love upon yourself and the world around you”