Ellen’s 10 of Pentacles is a beautiful, happy  card. ” This is a card of commitment, loyalty, community and success. …… as a number 10 card, it shows the ultimate outcome of both abundance and spirituality: a happy home and loving friends and family. By “family” I mean the strong emotional bond between a group of people who share affection,. Remember that family is more than just blood relatives.  Family may be your partner, your children, your friends, your pets……”

Cassandra tells us that this card ” portrays domestic bliss and material security. But since the cards are symbolic, this card refers to whatever would make you happy, the home you would like and the kind of life you would enjoy.  ……. the meaning lies in reassuring you that you are on course…… you are home……. For home in this sense is the place where you can be  yourself.  If life seems mundane, then it is time to give your present world a facelift…….. just don’t let the bricks and mortar become more important than the people…..”