Stacy and Jada’s Kudu has a message for us today. The African language used is a local Zambian language Nyanja.

“Kudu. Phuluphulu. Health.  Kudu gifts you strength and nobility in optimal health.  His magical, spiraling horns urge you to claim your vitality and radiance within.  Quiet your mind, move inward and listen to what your body needs at this time.  Kudu honours the divine wholeness of your body, mind and spirit and asks you to cleanse yourself of excess.  Internal restoration presents itself today and suggests that you consider consuming nutritious garden greens, fresh juices, omega oils, and whole grains.  ……. only you know what your body needs.  Move intuitively and welcome your radiant health. Visualize a harmonic bridge that weaves the essence of your mind and body into a complete state of wellbeing…..”