Ellen’s 7 of Cups shows a bank of clouds offering seven cups. Inside each cup is something wonderful. The wizard gestures with an open hand, as if encouraging you to reach out and choose.

“Wonderful choices lie before you. This is the card of precognitive dreams, symbols and signs. Take a moment and choose one of the seven cups; ¬†and then read along and see what it tells you about yourself.

The red dragon represents the power of transformation and the element of fire; what sort of passion and power can you manifest in your world?

The black kitten grants you the opportunity to work more closely with the animal kingdom.

The third cup’s fairytale castle offers you the chance of stability, comfort, and the magic of hearth and home.

The fourth cup shows you a rainbow – time to work with your communication skills and see what messages await you

The fifth card hold jewels and gold coins, inviting you to dig in and work with the element of earth, focus on crystals, stones, minerals, and metals.

The sixth card has a tiny mermaid who invites you deeper into the realm of the element of water; embrace your psychic gifts and emotions and see where they lead you.

The final cup with the butterfly beckons you to the element of air. ¬†Sharpen your intellect, hone your instincts, and pay attention to your intuition. What sort of knowledge will the element of air blow into your works?”