Ellen’s 9 of Swords is “the ‘drama queen’ card. …. It symbolizes a person who is always having a crisis or causing drama in group dynamics or social situations.  ….. As this is a nine, it also symbolizes that you are near the end of the problem.  Things have reached their peak and should begin to settle down – as long as you do not give way to dramatics.  Decide to pick up the sword, to be proactive, and to defend yourself .”

Cassandras interpretation of the 9 of Swords is ” the card of the insomniac who fights so many battles in her head during the night that when the morning comes she has used all her finest arguments and has no strength left for the actual (or imagined) fight.

This is a card that says you may be feeling isolated – yet another of the ‘fears in your head’  variations on the theme of self doubt…..  Let the light of day drive away all the spectres. And above all, learn to believe in yourself. “