Ellen’s 4 of Wands is such a positive card.  “This card announces an opportunity and a time to share joy with another. It may also represent a time of creativity and freedom of expression”

Looking at the picture you will notice four women…”one to represent each of the natural elements….. each holds a bouquet of flowers.  The woman representing fire has red hair and a flame colored gown. She holds a bouquet of red roses, symbolising passion and energy. The second dancer, who signifies the element of water, has blond hair and is wearing a royal blue gown. She holds a bouquet of white roses, symbolizing loving emotions.  The third lady, representing the element of air, has dark brown hair, wears a saffron coloured gown and clutches a posy of yellow roses. Her sunshine roses stand for friendship and happiness.  The fourth woman has golden brown hair and is wearing a green gown, representing the element of earth.  She holds a simple bouquet of greenery and daisies, which signify growth and affection. All of the flowers in the garland above the dancers correspond to the element of fire. The sunflower is for fame and success, the marigold represents affection and the sun and the red carnations bring fascination healing and love. ”

So the message today is for you to bring all the elements in your life into balance. Work with your passion. Your energy.  Be comfortable in your emotions,  they are yours. Actively seek out good friendships and happiness. And welcome any positive growth.  Use affection in all that you do.  Choose happy.