Ellen’s Temperance card is tempering the liquid in the goblets to find the right balance, or mixture.

” Neither on shore nor in the water, she is in an enchanted location where she is in both worlds – an in- between place. …. When Temperance appears it is time to be restrained, to be a little more tactful than usual, and to employ some moderation.  This card represents the mixing of different elements to create something new, like rain and sunlight make a rainbow. This card also stands for the personal alchemy of a spiritual transformation.  Now is the time to work on the healing of your spiritual self.  This is the perfect occasion to work on finding the correct balance or flow in your life. Watch for messages. ”


Cassandra’s Temperance “seems to be going against everything modern women have fought for, displaying patience and moderation.  ….. but Temperance speaks not of passivity, but of the harmony within you and the peace you bring to those with whom you live and work.  As the messenger, she is the link between our mind-body and our Higher Self. , between the conscious and the unconscious worlds. ….Temperance is a card of strength, not weakness, of accepting life as it is and people as they are.  It means finding personal equilibrium.  Love yourself and create within you an oasis of calm and quiet joy that does not depend on the reactions of others”