Ellen’s Knìght of Swords appears to be leaping into battle. “This Knight’s strength and forward motion are evident. He is a fearless individual, and his ideals and beliefs propel him forward. He stands up for what he believes in. This Knight illustrates the very best qualities of the suit of Swords. Balance, energy, intelligence and drive, coupled with responsibility….. When this card appears, there is a need for action, and it is time for you to dive in…….. This Knight of Swords will roar into your life, bringing exploration, communication, new ideas and change.  The challenge from this Knight is to stand up for yourself and your beliefs. Rapid movement and transformation is blowing your way – hang on and enjoy the ride. ”

Cassandra’s Knight is a “terrific catalyst for change, challenging the status quo and confronting inertia or the wooly-brained thinking of others. ….. If you have ever been under great provocation or strain from others, this card will endow you with the power to turn challenge into advantage.  This Knight has great organizational qualities, planning any action like a military operation, but may also in the process steamroller others into agreement or simply push aside those with a different point of view “