Nikki Drennan Stacy and Jada Baobab Tree

Stacy and Jada’s Baobab Tree – Mlambe Mti – Wise Offering – says” it is  time to make an offering. Being one of the oldest forms of life on our planet, the baobab breathes ancient wisdom. Known as a gift from God, the baobab offers almost everything it has as never ending gifts to the community. Baobab shares its afternoon shade with playful children. Elephants delight in its pulpy fruit, and its bark finds itself in the hands of villagers.  For as much as the baobab gives out to others, in return it is nourished, replenished and continues to grow deeper and deeper into the earth.  Baobab encourages you to give, share or make a peace offering to a loved one, to Mother Earth or even to a perfect stranger.  Know that yourvoffering is an infinite gift.  Enjoy the gift of giving, there is always enough for everyone. ”