Champagne and Cards

John’s Destiny card speaks of cycles. “A cycle of change, success and growth is imminent. Life ebbs and flows in its natural journey, and the Destiny card signifies that good karma has come full circle – Lady Luck is pointing directly at you. What you sowed, you are about to reap. Open up your heart and accept and receive what you have earned. Opportunities, whether expected or unexpected, are knocking at you door.

This is a time to allow your problems to be replaced by your solutions.  Believe in destiny as you let go of old issues.  You are being given the chance to understand the lessons and gain the wisdom from the past, enabling you to move steadily forward in a positive direction.  Holding on to a strong belief that you deserve to be happy and prosperous and have abundance in all areas of your life is the key.  This confident mindset will show you that the impossible can indeed become the possible.  With this card, take advantage of the opportunities!  Act now, take responsibility for your actions, and enjoy the fact that destiny is presently in your favour.  Don’t always rely on luck, however, for the wheel will most definitely turn again”