Champagne and Cards

Steven’s card this week speaks of vigilance. “Stone People tell us to remain vigilant at this time, but not out of fear. ‘Vigilant’ simply means opening up your mind and senses to information as it is presented to you; through your eyes, ears, physical sensations and detached thoughts. It is especially true in two main areas.  first, follow any gut feelings that tell you to be wary of someone or something; second, pay close attention to an important opportunity that presents itself , one that may enhance your life and those of others. Maintain your vigilance of the clues around you and inside of you. Assess what is emanating from your body, and then sort out any conditioned responses from what is purely instinctual.  Examine the situation with heart, intuition and mind in harmony; for this is how vigilance serves you.  Detach, take a breath and stand tall in your stature.”