Imagine IF…..

while in lockdown,

you could begin to create your new normal 

* Declutter your home

* Declutter your diet

* Declutter your exercise routine

If you have the energy or inclination to declutter your home –

a room,  or just a shelf;

Start there.

Sort through all the “stuff” that you have.

Pack  straight, donate, throw away.

Tidy the space around you.

Give your garden some attention.

Walk with your barefeet touching the Earth.

If you have been thinking about what you are eating.

If you have been wanting to change your eating habits.

Now is the time.

If you love your food – Enjoy.

If you have been considering changing your eating habits – Change now.

“You are what you eat”.

* Think about this.

* Declutter old eating habits.

* Create new ones.

* Choose what works for you.

Lockdown has certainly changed our exercise patterns.

Some of us have had to adjust to exercising at home,

constrained to whatever equipment is available.

Some of us have had new ideas on how to include exercise into our days.

Some of us are just beginning to exercise.

*Choose what works for you now.

* Choose what will work for you in the future.

* Choose what to leave out.

* Choose what to include.

In decluttering

your home, your diet, your exercise

you are allowing space for the new normal to fit in.