Imagine IF…

Imagine that you have managed Step One.

You have decluttered and cleared out

all that is no longer serving you

in your home, your eating habits and your exercise routine.


*Declutter feelings

* Declutter emotions

* Declutter habits 

Often we are caught unaware by a negative feeling

that just seems to sidle in and take over.

Our negative feelings often get the better of us,

and consume our minds,

especially when we are in a vulnerable space.

These negative emotions seem to hover,

interfering in our daily lives,

dragging us down into a space of belief that we are not OK,

that we are not worthy; that we are to blame.

We get looped into emotional repetition.

We vortex down into this space of habit,

where our negative feelings and emotions seem to control us.

Catch yourself as you recognise the first feeling or emotion.

Label it.

“Ahhh I know that feeling.” “Yes, I have felt that before”

Then choose to declutter them

Allow outdated feelings and emotions to just BE.

Don’t try to control them, don’t let them control you.

Just recognise the feeling or emotion.

Choose whether you want to loop with them.

Choose whether you want to just let them into your space for a moment.

Choose whether you want to bypass them, to something more neutral or even positive.

By labeling, we begin to see a pattern; a habitual pattern,

and when we acknowledge a pattern, we can choose whether it is still serving us.

Break  those habits and patterns that no longer serve you.

Imagine harnessing

your feelings, emotions and habits

that used to drag you down.

Imagine not vortexing

into familiar emotional patterns and habits.

Imagine decluttering

your feelings, emotions and habits.

Just try

Let it be or let it go