Imagine IF… 

Step 3

You have decluttered your home, your eating habits, and your exercise routine. (Step 1)

You have decluttered and cleared all feelings, emotions and habits that no longer serve you.(Step 2)


*Declutter thoughts

* Declutter mental stagnation

*Declutter mind games

What if we could declutter our  thoughts?

What if we could clear out all the negative thoughts that enter our minds each day?

How can we fill our minds with positive thoughts?

Focus on what thoughts come into you mind each day.

Can you recognise the same weary thoughts from the days before?

Can you imagine just letting them pass through your mind?

Not allowing them to hover. Not allowing them to root.

If you keep the same thoughts that have circled in your mind for days, months, years;

if you keep the same thoughts repeating their stories;

you wont have the capacity for any fresh new thoughts and ideas.

Make space for the new; put an end to mental stagnation.

Get rid of thoughts that are on repeat; that are no longer serving you.

And… while decluttering and stepping away from mental stagnation,

what if we could we could catch ourselves playing our own mind games?

If we could stop our negative thoughts from vortexing

and creating negative feelings and emotions.

If we could stop these thoughts from becoming toxic in our mind,

and downplaying our own self worth….

Could we recognise these mind games for what they really are?

Could we step away?