Imagine IF

Step Four 

And now  for our final phase.

Take time with this.

Think about this

*Declutter conditioning

* declutter dogma

* declutter belief systems

What IF you could look into your life and watch how you deal with things,

how you act, how you speak, how you react, how you communicate,

how you cope, and how you understand?

What IF you could celebrate what you love about yourself?

What IF you could acknowledge what you don’t like about your actions and reactions?

And then, ask yourself

“Are these actions and reactions mine?”

“Or are they someone else’s?”

“What makes me react or respond the way I do?”

“Have I copied someone?”

Decide if this is your stuff, or if it is someone else’s.

“Are you living in someone else’s shadow?”

“Have you adopted other people’s belief systems

of how things should or shouldn’t be?”

Own what is yours.

Disregard what no longer serves you

Choose what works for you.

Choose your own path

Declutter all that no longer resonates with you.

Having respect for where it came from,

thank it and let it go.

Consciously choose what you have around you.

Values, moral, principles, belief systems.

Acknowledge the ones that you declutter.

Welcome your own chosen ones.

Make them yours, because you have chosen them.

Declutter outdated social conditionings.

Clear through any dogma that no longer resonates.

Assess your belief systems.

Rewrite you