Dr Nikki Drennan

Author • Holistic Counsellor • Soul Retrieval • Hypnotherapy • Energy Modalities • Card Readings

Nikki Drennan has a doctorate in metaphysical counselling. She has also studied psychic development and energy healing, and has worked with various energy modalities. She reads angel and tarot cards, leads small meditation groups, and is currently studying medicinal herbs.

Writing is her favourite pastime. She is a published author. Soul Whispers: Live Life With Soul, her first book, is available in both digital and hard copy formats. Her latest addition is a fantastic  365 Bullet Journal which is currently available for purchase.

Nikki is an active “blogger” and holds regular workshops at the Soul Studio.

She is also available for one-on-one personal sessions.

“Release your thoughts into the air. Free your emotions along the wind. Look with your heart and not with your head. Feel with your soul and not with your mind. Find what is yours and be free with it. Keep it close, yet let it go. Silently grow wise.”

~ Nikki Drennan, Soul Whispers: Live Life With Soul