Nikki offers a range of one-on-one sessions from her studio in Honeydew, South Africa.

Holistic Counselling

Working from a mind, body, soul perspective, a holistic approach is used in these session.

Soul Retrieval

Throughout our lives we manage situations, events and experiences as best we can. Sometimes we have found ourselves in places or circumstances of trauma. We manage our way out of these experiences by denying, repressing, lying to ourselves, or humouring the situation.

In this process, we leave a piece of our soul with that time, in order for us to move on without that emotional memory. Soul loss or soul fragmentation leaves us feeling as though we are not whole. This session takes you on a journey to find those pieces of soul, and reintegrate them into the present.

“Sometimes a reevaluation is so necessary to reconnect with soul” Nikki 

Power Animal Journey

A gentle guided meditation to meet your Power Animal.

We travel together, in a guided visualisation, to a beautiful garden, where you will meet your Power Animal. This journey is filled with vivid descriptions, hues and colours, and personally chosen visuals which adds to the wonder of this visualisation.

“Let us walk, hand in hand …..” Nikki

A Power Animal journey is beneficial to anyone to has wanted to meet, or dreamed about meeting, their Power Animal.


An age regression takes you on a journey, back through the years of this lifetime to look for answers to issues, questions and intrigue that you may have.

A past life regression session takes you on a journey to find who you were in a past life. It can help you find reasons why you behave or react in certain ways in this life.

“We need to re-trace and re-remember where we come from as a soul”

Past life memories are the autobiography of your eternal soul – personal stories that explain who you are now and why you’re here on Earth. Everyone can benefit from a past life regression session. It will answer a lot of questions you may have about your present life.

Personal Growth Session

Helping you to help yourself.

There is always a cause to every symptom. In this session we look for causes. Working together you are guided and shown how to use your own energy, to begin healing from the inside out.

“Being able to step away, and to take a breath, we allow ourselves to question the worth of all the unnecessary hustle and bustle”

This session begins with a question. This questions results in a thought. This thought becomes the whisper to the body.

Card Readings

Angel and Tarot card readings done in a relaxed and gentle environment. The cards tells you where you are at, right now, in this moment. Nikki’s readings never include predictions.

“What about the situations that require an understanding from something more than our 5 senses?” Nikki

A tarot card reading can help you gain clarity in your life. It will help you to connect with your intuition and encourage you to adopt a more positive perspective on life.

A card reading can help you create and nurture harmonious relationships with others. It will encourage you to clear away negative energy and give you the motivation to take positive risks.

Like tarot cards, angel cards,  can give insight into relationships, careers and finances while offering you peace of mind and confidence in your decisions.