Group Workshops

Sometimes we learn better in groups than when we set out to work on problems on our own. Nikki offers small classes and group workshops for some of her modalities – so you can share your experiences with others and meet people with a similar goal.

Personal Growth

A quiet time where you can experience moments of revelation from your own card readings, inner reflections under dream catchers, deep cleansing letter burning, recharging energies under a copper pyramid, and a letting go of unwanted issues while walking a mini labyrinth.  A silent moment of awakening your inner self.

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Vision Board

A workshop where you create a Whispers vision board. An interactive few hours, ending in analysing how your creation is whispering to you.


Card Reading

A workshop on tarot and angel cards.

Workshop includes:

  • An introduction to the tarot system of divination

  • Understanding and trusting intuition

  • Using the Tarot as a tool for personal & spiritual growth and development

  • Working various decks of cards

  • And more …

Can be booked as an individual session or a group workshop.

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