Books by Dr Nikki Drennan

In this book on self awareness, Nikki Drennan will walk you through the various Spaces in which you might find yourself in life, by offering you each Space as a chapter.

Each chapter provides various perceptions of life. Opportunities for self development. Possible experiences, comfort zones, or ruts, which keep you doing the same thing each day. Some comfortable, some uncomfortable. The aim of this book is to create a conscious awareness of where you are in life. Each chapter will help you label your Space. Physically, mentally, emotionally. An exercise following each chapter will help you realign your perceptions and perspectives, by nudging you towards balance with soul.

“Live life with soul” is not just a catch phrase, it is an urging to remember your soul, to hear its whispers and to reconnect so that you, too, can live a life filled with depth and meaning.

Soul Space

This Journal offers you empty space. Empty pages. Empty lines. It asks you to make a moment when you can take a break from your busy day and gift yourself with time.

There are no limits when you gift yourself time. The time to think of who you are and who you want to be. Soul Space asks you to believe in who you are, to know that you are good enough, and to imagine that you can. The empty lines are there for you to do as you choose. They are waiting for your words or images, whether black or white or different colours.

These pages offer you an emptiness full of your own potential. Of who you are choosing to be.

Bullet journals are great! They allow you to gather information and thoughts in words and phrases.

This great 365 bullet journal is intended for you to make each and every day count. Become friends with this journal. Use it each day to record your thoughts, your activities, your “to do” lists, and your growth.

Time to allow your right brain to do what it does best – think, logicise and rationalize. Offering your right brain the perfection of listing. Listing your records and your reminders. Your to do lists and your gauges.

It also allows time for your left brain to play – to dream and to create. To imagine your days filling with whatever you choose.

Day to day – each day is packed with bullets, bubbles and blocks. Easy to navigate, easy to fill in and easy to enjoy

Month to month –  just a quick way to record the monthly info

Time to time – pages for you to doodle, scribble, bullet, and journal

Year to year – for things that you need to remember

Moments of Reverie – for your thoughts, for your progress, for your records, for introspection