Card Decks by Dr Nikki Drennan

“We need to live in an awareness that allows us to question everything. We are searching for that deeper connection to life. To finding our purpose and to living life with soul”

Step into a ‘New Space’ with this interpretive card deck.
Contemplate the space you find yourself in. Acknowledge the feelings associated with each space.
Love being where you are. Or, choose to experience a “New Space”.

… is a card deck that offers you reflection to work with throughout every week. 52 Cards, 52 words, 52 thoughts. Each word is gentle, and nudges you to choose higher vibrational thoughts and feelings.

Pause your busy day to reflect on the image and the message. How does it make you feel? Allow yourself a moment to absorb the words.

When you feel you have taken all you can from the message, tear it off, turn it over to begin your day with a few notes written on the back.