365 Journal

 by Dr Nikki Drennan

This 365 Bullet Journal is intended to help you to make each and every day count.

About the Journal

Bullet Journals are great!!! They allow you to gather information and thoughts in words and phrases. This 365 Bullet Journal is intended to help you to make each and every day count. Become friends with this journal. Use it every day to record your thoughts, your activities, your ‘to do lists’ and your growth
Day to day – each day is packed with bullets, bubbles and blocks. Easy to navigate, easy to fill in and easy to enjoy
Month to month – just a quick way to record monthly info
Time to time – pages for you to doodle, scribble, bullet and journal
Year to year – for things that you need to remember
Moments of Reverie – for your thoughts, for your progress, for your records, for introspection

Realising that life moves fast;

and that allowing yourself a personal break from your busy day is becoming more difficult;

this journal offers you a quick time out

  • Bullet your thoughts,
  • Bullet your actions
  • Bullet your ideas.
  • Practical “to do” spaces –
  • List
  • Highlight
  • Plan
  • Record
  • Gauge
  • Creative pages
  • Colour
  • Journal
  • Doodle
  • Scribble
  • Moments of Reverie pages ,
  • Changing your perception on the way you see things.  If you choose.
  • Become real with your day to day routine
  • Recognize your habits, comfort zones and spaces
  • Change areas that you are not comfortable with
  • Reconnect with soul
  • Evergreen.
  • Never dates
  • Start any day, any month, any year.

This amazing journal allows you short periods of time, every day, to focus on something specific.

~ Nikki

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